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sustainable, ethical, and science-based

At Avonlea Farm Ventures Ltd, our primary mission is to grain farm, providing pulse, cereal, and oilseed grains to local, Canadian and international markets. We also retail enhanced agricultural spraying technology and provide contractual farm services.


The business promotes and utilizes innovative, sustainable, ethical, and science-based principles and practices. 

Alberta Farming
Avonlea Farm Ventures
Alberta Farm Spray Technology
Alberta Farming Equipment

Creating a thriving and sustainable operation

Avonlea Farm Ventures

Our Vision

 The vision is to grow a thriving, inheritable, family-run corporation as a top-of-class grain producer and Ag contract sales and service provider in western Canada

Alberta Farming

Enhancing our production with MagrowTec's
science-backed technology 

increase-coverage farming
Increase Coverage
increase-yield farming
Increase Yield
save-money farming
Save Money
Improve Efficiency
Reduce Drift

Our results

Hear our MagrowTec story and check our results that brought a step change to our farm efficiencies.

Alberta Farming

Advancing Innovation in Agriculture

MagrowTec has a vision, that working with customers in the field, will yield a paradigm shift in agricultural spraying and irrigation attuned to climate needs and future-generation farming.

Innovative Spray Technology

 MagrowTec magnetic-assist technology already offers significant benefits in reducing water and other input within agricultural spraying. 

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