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Alberta Farming

About Avonlea Farm Ventures Ltd.

Avonlea Farm Ventures

Farm Setting

Avonlea Farm Ventures Ltd. operates at the northern tip of the Palliser Triangle in the semi arid, non irrigated  dark brown soil steppe of Alberta. The crop land varies in topography from being flat to gently undulating hills to moderate slopes and includes brush patches and sloughs typical of the parkland region. Annual precipitation is 401 mm. The crop growing window is from May to September with a season mean temperature of 16 degrees C.

Farm Progression

The main farm location is north of Veteran Alberta with 10,000 acres of owned and rented farm land in the municipal counties of Paintearth and Flagstaff, and in Special Areas #4. The farm has been operated by the Howard Bye family since 1983 and was incorporated in 2021. The farm has transformed over time to where the land has been continuously cropped for over 25 years using direct seeding technology. Wind and water erosion has been eliminated and soil structure and soil health have been enhanced with sound crop rotations, nutrient management and zero-till practices that have ultimately lead to higher yields.

Alberta Farming

Our Mission

At Avonlea Farm Ventures Ltd our primary mission is to grain farm with excellence for local and international markets. The operation is further enhanced by performing contract seeding, spraying and harvesting and by marketing new innovative MagrowTec precision spraying technology. 

Avonlea Farm Ventures

Our Vision

 The vision is to grow a thriving, inheritable, family-run corporation as a top-of-class grain producer and Ag contract sales and service provider in western Canada

Our Guiding Principals


  • We have a passion for farm business and lifestyle.

  • We rely on and reward dedicated “can do” attitude and commitment, expertise and creative contributions from all staff.

  • We are responsible and helpful neighbors. 

  • We treat our business partners and clients with respect, integrity, honesty and timeliness.

  • We partner with innovative technical businesses, clients and buyers that can help us and them to become more efficient, reduce costs and increase profitability.

  • We maintain a farm succession plan.

Land Management

  • We steward to 4R fertilizer use and crop nutrition by following a Soil Fertility Management Plan and a Nitrogen Efficiency Management Plan.

  • We manage safety, crop, weather and margin risk.

  • We respect riparian zones on our crop lands

  • We practice direct seeding, continuous cropping and straw management to eliminate wind and water erosion. Our soil health steadily improves over time with effective management.


  • We utilize and progress an active Alberta Environmental Farm Plan.

  • We follow or exceed recommended pesticide storage and application best practices.  

  • We maintain our equipment to be safe, clean and efficient.

Howard Bye

Avonlea Farm Ventures Ltd. is managed by Howard Bye.


Howard grew up on a farm, obtained a BSc in Agriculture in 1980 and bought Golden Gates Farm farm in 1983. While growing the farming business, Howard also established a 40 year career in the oil and gas energy industry, holding executive leadership positions in Canada and in the United States before retiring in 2019. Howard also co-founded and was president of a crop input business established in 2002 that was grown and sold to an international grain company in 2018. 

Bye Howard
Catherine Bye

Catherine Bye

Catherine has been involved in farming for most of her life. 
She grew up on a mixed farm where she was involved with a 4-H Beef Club for several years and actively showed and promoted the family Limousin beef herd. 
She received her BSc in Agriculture in 1985. 
Catherine worked in various administrative roles in both 
the transportation and agriculture industries. 
She volunteered with a local service club, taking on various executive roles and has helped with and organized many
community events. 
Catherine became an active Director in Avonlea Farm Ventures Ltd. when it incorporated in 2021. 

Kyle Bye

Kyle Bye is the farm foreman at Avonlea Farm Ventures Ltd.

Kyle was raised on the farm north of Veteran Alberta. After high school he attended SAIT enrolled in the electrical apprenticeship program. During his apprenticeship he worked in local and northern Alberta oil and gas production operations.

Kyle returned full time to the farm in 2012 and has utilized his skills and experience to develop hands on expertise in heavy duty mechanic work, farm machinery operations, electronics, precision farming technology and associated hardware and software trouble shooting.

He is a partner in KRB Farms Ltd, grain farming as well as providing custom crop spraying services.

Kyle lives on the farm with his wife and 3 children

Kyle Bye
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